Welcome to LiU Game Awards 2016!
Use this form to submit your game prototype to the contest.
The rules are simple:
★ Only students and employees of Linköping University can participate in LiU Game Awards.
★ The jury can only handle screencasts via Youtube. Make sure the video shows clear game play in an informative and entertaining way. Try to keep the video 30-60 seconds.
★ If you are not alone, 50% of the team must be connected to LiU.
★ The game must have been developed during the last year (after LiU Game Awards 2015).
★ If you developed your prototype during "TDDD23 Design and Programming of Computer Games" - you don't need to submit your game. It will be submitted automatically.
★ Deadline: 21st of October

Contact tomas.ahlstrom@liu.se or erik.berglund@liu.se if you have questions.
Ok, I got it!
Please note:

★ Your game does not need to be complete, but we want to see clear gameplay in the video.

★ Make sure you show why your game is engaging, challenging and unique.

★ The overall presentation of the game, including  music and sound effects is important in the screencast. The jury will pick games that they want to play, games with potential!

★ The winning team gets 20 000 SEK to complete development of the game and hit the market, sponsored by LiU Innovation!

★ 1st, 2nd and 3rd winner get a gaming console each, sponsored by Bergenstråhle & Partners!
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Education *

Please list all team members with contact info and their background

If you are more than one person, at least 50% of the team must be connected to LiU.
The name of the game you are submitting *

The origin of the game? Did you make the prototype during a course, or thesis work, on your spare time? *

When did you start development of the game? *

Only games developed after last LiU Game Awards are allowed (after 5th of November 2015)
Add a link to your screencast *

The jury looks at the overall impression of your game prototype. They simply vore for games that they like and think have a great potential.
Thanks a lot for your entry to LiU Game Awards 2016. We'll get back to you soon with feedback and confirmation.

Don't forget to get your ticket to LiU Game Conference the 10th of November here:

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